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Rajasthan the colorful state famous for hospitality fosters the tradition. The people revere client as god and offer them their best. Rajasthan is a land rich in culture, tradition and history. The mystique and beauty of the Rajasthan offers a retreat into an aesthetically beautiful art. The best of architecture, paintings, jewelry is patronized and refined in Rajasthan.
Rajasthans comprises of expertise engaged in online export of Marble Handicrafts, Sandstone Items, Brass Figures, Carpets, Wooden Furniture, jewellery, Tea and Spices, Paintings etc. RAJASTHANS is a tribute and testimony to skill & meticulous craftsmanship of Rajasthan. This craftsmanship has been made accessible to people from all over the globe to discover the rich Rajasthans Products. The credit of uniqueness of this collection goes to all the team members of Rajasthans. Rajasthans gives a new direction in your shopping.
We have always been known for our professional approach towards CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. High levels of quality control and timely delivery set us apart from the competition. Our valued customers vouch for this and are assured that their delivery schedules for export consignments will always be met.

How RAJASTHANS dispatch the Products ?

This is the Question, which every customer have for a company. But with us it is some thing else. We believe in Clarification.

Rajasthans is Using best service provider for its shipment to deliver. We use FEDEX and UPS air courier service for delivery of our consignment. FEDEX and UPS are widely spread and most efficient international companies in world and are popular for there quick delivery. with in 4 days your delivery will be made for all your requested products subject to availability of the product.

All the over weight and heavy consignment are shiped through ocean by one of the best and fast shipping company. All Ocean shipment will take a month to reach you and too depends on the distance. All shipment are insured before dispatch and the original shipping docuement reach through UPS courier service in case of ocean shipment.

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